This gift voucher is for a unlimited yoga classes, over the course of 1 month with me at Primal Health, you can choose any & all of the classes here below:


YIN YOGA- Mondays  - 8:00pm - 75 mins

A full yin yoga class followed by a candle lit yoga nidra for deep peace and relaxation. Suitable all levels


GENTLE VINYASA FLOW - Tuesdays - 6:15pm - 60 mins

Learn the foundational poses of yoga and link them in a beautiful Vinyasa flow. The class will focus on aligning breath with movement to help find a sense of ease in the poses. Suitable all levels of ability.


ENERGIZING VINYASA FLOW - Thursdays - 7:00pm - 60 mins

An energizing flow class. We will transition between poses fluidly and combine 'pranyama' or breath work to flow with greater ease in the poses.

Gift Voucher - 1 Month - Unlimited Yoga