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Take a look at my three nutrition packages, each one providing a different level of support. Then simply book your FREE nutrition consultation and see how I can help you get your health back on track.

A fun & seamless way for us to work together. Call me now for more details.


Via Zoom

My 3 nutrition programmes can all be followed on line in the comfort of your own home.

This is ideal for those who are house bound, immobile or maybe have small children or are short of time or travel a lot.

You don't need to be technically minded to work with me this way, simply access to a computer, laptop or iPad  and a relatively decent internet connection. I will send you a link to our session which you simply click to access our meeting - no downloads!

I work via the platform Zoom which allows us to see each other, of course you have the option to turn off your video if preferred. I can also share my screen with you allowing me to upload all the necessary documents we might need for our consultation.

Some Testimonials


I have been attending Linda on a 1 to 1 basis, for the last few months, on one of her nutritional programmes.  In that time I have learnt so much about sugar-balancing, nutrition and how everything we eat affects our overall health.  I have lost weight, but much more importantly - my over-active thyroid (hyperthyroid) is stabilised and  I have been able to stop taking my medication (with the approval of my endocrinologist) after being on tablets for almost 3 years.  I would highly recommend Linda to anyone in a similar situation - trying to lose weight and/or improve their overall health.


I had been doing yoga classes with Linda and am so glad I took the plunge and signed up for her
nutrition programme as well. Linda has worked with me over the last few months and my eating
habits have drastically changed. I am delighted with my weight loss and my activity levels are off the
scale compared to before. I had arthritis in my knee and my recent check-up showed I need no
further treatment due to my weight-loss, yoga and regular walking. I find it hard to believe how
much my life has changed and how physically able I’ve become. I have really enjoyed Linda’s gentle
and informative sessions and am really happy to recommend Linda as a nutritional therapist.


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